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Documentary / 61min / HD / 2017 / Spain

cartel converso david arratibel e iñaki sagastume


A Zazpi T’erdi and Filmotive production
With the support of the Navarra Government

Distribution (National & International): Márgenes Distribución

Participants: Raúl del Toro, María Arratibel, Pilar Aranburo, Paula Tellechea

Script and direction: David Arratibel
Executive producers: David Arratibel, David Aguilar, Pello Gutiérrez
Filmotive producer: Iñaki Sagastume
Director of phography: David Aguilar
Sound: Pello Gutiérrez
Editing: Zazpi T’erdi
Sound mix: Xabier Erkizia
Music: Raúl del Toro

World Premiere: March 8th 2017. 11º Punto de Vista
11º Punto de Vista – International Documentary Film Festival of Navarra.
More info: here.

National Premiere: March 23rd 2017. 20º Festival de Málaga
Feature Lenght Documentaries. More info: here.



AUDIENCE AWARD 11º Punto de Vista – International Documentary Film Festival of Navarra.
BEST DOCUMENTARY DIRECTOR 20º Festival de Málaga 2017 Spain

11º Punto de Vista – International Documentary Film Festival of Navarra. Spain
20º Festival de Málaga. Cine en español. Spain
7º D’A Cinema d’autor. Barcelona. Spain
14º DocumentaMadrid. International Documentary Film Festival Madrid. Spain

“Some instruments like trumpets incite courage. Others, like the flute, the sweetness. And there are others, like the organ, who snatch the soul from the heavenly “; (Aristotle).
In the last few years, my whole family have become Catholic. This distance between us has become greater and greater. For this reason I decided to make a film to help me understand how the Holy Spirit has made it´s way into their lives, our lives.
A film of affection, absence, emptiness and distance.


Notes by Punto de Vista Festival

A film about a church organ, family, harmony and something even more difficult: faith. Concepts that are more or less basic through which there is an attempt to explain something so profound as it is ineffable: the director’s sisters suddenly convert to Catholicism and the filmmaker tries to grasp what is behind this personal transformation mechanism. Intelligently dismounting the classic format of the interview documentary (don’t forget the title’s play on words, Converso also comes from the verb to converse), the director sits on a chair that becomes a confessional of others and his own, asking questions in front of a mirror that is none other than the mirror of the house. It is a family film with a personal search and a huge cinematographic question: If the Holy Spirit enters our home, is it possible to make a film on it?

Still frames:

Technical details:
Original title: Converso
English title: Conversus
Genre: Documentary
Running time: 61min
Format: HD
Exhibition format: DCP
Aspect ratio: 1,78:1
Sound: Stereo
Original language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Year: 2017
Country: Spain

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